UV Band Mapper
for Lightwave3D v7b

Welcome! !!

'UV Band Mapper v0.3' is a Modeler LScript for Lightwave3D v7b.

          I've updated theis LScript with a MAJOR feature, 'seamless scaling'. I didn't think this would be an easy thing to incorporate, but 1 pack of cigarettes, 5 cups of tea, and a sleepless night later...here we are :)

It came about because I was experimenting with a low poly race track for a game and I
wanted to UV tile my road texture map along it. Not an easy task to do on a twisty, looping road!

It has some limitations (ONLY works on a strip of continuous Quads at a time!), but should help you out a bit.

Here's a quick run down of how to use it:

Step 1:

       Create your Road, Track or whatever (NOTE: ONLY use Quads!). Or select a 'band' of Quad polys on your mesh and Hide the rest of it for now!. The LScript will only work with continuous polys (end to end) as in the picture below. Although it doesn't have to be looped back on itself as the track in the picture does.

Step 2:
             Unweld all the points.

Step 3:

        Select a single Poly from your mesh, idealy one that is of the same orientation as your texture for conveniance, although it doesn't really matter.

        Now 'Create NEW UV Texture'. Call it whatever you like. Make it 'Planar' mapping, and in this case we will use the 'Y' axis

Step 4:

         Invert your selection, then 'Make UV's' and select your 'Texture_UV' as the UV Map for them to be added to. This time the Mapping Axis doesn't matter, but I left it at Y anyway.

Step 5:

        Assign ALL your Polys a Surface name, then in Surface Editor apply the 'Road2_256' bitmap to the Color channel, using UV Projection, and 'Texture_UV' as your UV map.

Step 6:

        As you can see, because we created the UV's for our First Poly by itself, it appears bigger than the others in the UV window.

        When you first run the LScript, each of the 4 points of this Poly have the option to be 'Snapped' to their nearest corner! so as long as the Top Left Point is in the Top Left quarter of the UV window, and the others are in their respective quarters of the UV window, then all will go well.

        In this case, we do NOT want the TOP points to be snapped, as we want to adjsut the UV's to squash the road texture a bit, so we'll turn off snapping in the plugin interface for the TOP 2 points.If you don't want to use the Snap feature on any points, then you should manualy align them nicely.

Step 7:

         Now, select in a CLOCKWISE direction, the Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Right, Bottom Left points of our First Polygon, as seen in the picture below.

          Then run the UV_BandMapper LScript and wait a few seonds!

Step 8:

         Say 'F*** yeah!' then just Merge Points and carry on editing!

         Things to note!: After the plugin has finished, if your 'track' or whatever is looped, you might notice a seam between the first polygon we selected, and the previous (last to be processed) polygon. Because I changed the way the UV's are managed, you can simply select ALL the polygons in the UV Window, zoom in close to the very bottom (where 'V' = 0%) and use the scale tool. You'll be able to very slightly stretch the UV's so that the 'seam' dissappears!!!

         The other thing is that, although this plugin will tile and keep the scale of your UV's amongst different lengths of Polygon, as soon as you go into SubPatch mode, you may see a little stretching. If that's the case then try Knifing some of the larger polygons before SubPatching / Freezing the mesh.

             Here is my track subdivided. For your information, the process took about 10 seconds on my Athlon 1gig.

        This is the 2nd release of this LScript in as many days, and I'll continue to tweak the script, so check back regularly!

        My VERY special thanks go to 'd|ver' for helping me out, he's an AWESOME reference manual, and an all round top man! also thanks to Carl Merritt for some great tips!! :O)

       This LScript is FREE!, and not to be SOLD. It is compiled (to hide my ugly code!), and the source is available freely upon request.

       Oh...1 more thing....BACK UP YOUR WORK BEFORE USING IT!! I will NOT be held responsible for any damage, or loss of data caused by running this LScript!

      Click HERE to download it.

      Please feel free to mail me if you have any problems using it, PC or MAC users. Or any ideas, suggestions!

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